Activities - What we do

Try Olympic style target archery, clout, field archery, hunting or take on the battlefield big shot!

Here at Archery Experience we can provide expert coaching and equipment sales advice, but the main thing we want to do is to get you shooting a bow and enjoying archery!

Join us for a taster session, a series of archery lessons or your very own group event.

Whether you visit us at one of our regular locations or have us come to you, we have a variety of fun, dynamic and challenging archery activities.

For Team building / Group events we can offer advice on the most suitable activities and arrange an itinerary that suits your group, time frame and location.

On this page you'll find details of just some of the exciting activities you can enjoy, from just shooting balloons to having an Olympic style head-to-head competition.


Classic Target Archery

Using modern Olympic style archery bows you'll learn the basics of a good shot and how to hit the classic ten zone archery target. These bows also known as recurve or takedown bows are ideal for teaching absolute novices and are a lighter poundage version of the bows used in the Olympic Games.

Olympic Style Shoot-off

This head-to-head, knockout style competition will really get the adrenaline pumping. Can you keep your cool? Based on the format used at the Olympic Games, archers shoot-off side by side, while the 'crowd' watches and shouts, until only two are left to shoot-off for the trophy. Ideally suited to both individual and team events, this is an exciting way for archers to show off what they've learnt.

Battlefield Bigshot

This is the ideal event for those who have an urge to aim for the skies and let an arrow fly! This is based on the traditional English clout shoot, used as a way of training longbow men to hit the enemy on the battlefield. Arrows are shot skyward, to fall onto a huge target on the ground. Can you make that perfect shot and drop an arrow down the tube at the centre of the target? Traditionally this is shot over 180 yards, but our specially designed arrows mean this fun event can safely be held at smaller shooting venues.

Team building archery event!

Team Building Events

Archery makes a great fun team building event everyone can enjoy. Have your team try something new together with a little friendly competition to see who wins the trophy we supply. We are able to run the event at a time that suits you and tailor the itinerary to suit your group and team building objectives. We offer a cost effective, dynamic activity for your day away from work that your team will be buzzing about for ages! Don't take our word for it read some of our feedback!

We can tailor the event to almost any group size. Allow at least an hour, preferably 90 mins for the activity or more for a multiple group event. The event can be hosted outdoors in Ohaupo or indoors in Cambridge. We can even bring the event to you, subject to a site safety inspection.

Group Archery Events

Parties, Family, Clubs, Schools, Stag and Hen Do's etc

Archery is a great activity for the whole family, accessible to everyone, whatever age or level of fitness. Our equipment is suited to complete beginners from about eight years upwards, so why not get your friends and family together to give it a go! Great for Stag and Hen parties, we make sure everyone has fun as well as the satisfaction of becoming a real archer for the day!

Having fun on the shooting line

Archery Taster Sessions

Always wanted to try archery but not sure if you want to do a full course? Then come join one of our taster sessions and learn how to shoot an Olympic style bow. A great fun introduction to archery, whether you just want to try something new or find out how to get into the sport and make the next Olympics. These sessions are run indoors in Cambridge whenever we get enough interest, so just email or call us for more information.

Archery Beginners' Lessons

For those looking to get into the sport of archery we run multi-session courses covering all the basics of Olympic style archery. These courses cover all aspects of recurve target archery and can include an introduction to other types of bows such as compound and crossbows. These courses provide a solid start to doing archery, with the chance to learn from expert archers and are a gateway into local archery clubs.

Archery at Your Event

Why not add archery as an activity to your club or town's big event. Subject to a site safety inspection we can provide various have-a-go formats that are safe, fun and value for money for your visitors, as well as an informative exhibit and demonstration. We run these as a way of promoting archery and Archery Experience.